Defending the Future Part 1 History versus Heresy

Defending the Future Part 1: History versus Heresy

Introduction:Ai?? The following series of articles are developed to warn, instruct, and exhort the church against the heresy of full preterism (from the Latin preter meaning past). Full preterism is the false teaching that asserts that the return of Christ, the last judgment, the resurrection of all people, and the fullness of the New Heavens […]

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Prequel: An Overview of Orthodox Eschatology

INTRODUCTION: Eschatology is the study of last things. All doctrinally orthodox eschatological positions believe three essential things: At the end of history, Jesus will physically resurrect the bodies of both believers and unbelievers through a tomb-emptying resurrection. Jesus will execute the final Judgment on mankind and quarantine unbelievers in the lake of fire. Jesus will […]

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