Unplanned &The Mythology of the Pro-Life Movement

"The Unplanned myths attempt to explain the evil of abortion in the context of Roman Catholic mythology."

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Roy Moore’s Loss & Escaping the Matrix

I have not posted much on social media about Roy Moore because I am not overly in loveAi??with the fact that his denials about dating teenagers when he was in his thirties have been anything but clear and to the point. At best, they were mixed.Ai?? Talk about an elephant in the room for Moore […]

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Freaks and Errors: A Review

Freaks & Errors Mutiny Motion Pictures Director: Mark Cwiakala Executive Producers: Jonathan Singer, Charles Cwiakala, Teresa Cwiakala, Stanislawa Zak. Edited by Alex Cheng Run time: 1:35:15 Available on Vimeo.Ai?? Rental, $5.00.Ai?? Download, $9.95. Over the last couple of years my sons and I have been collecting stamps.Ai?? Several accumulations came into our book store and […]

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War Room: The Best Kendrick Bros. Effort To Date

It’s not often that I can say that Christian filmmakers have actually done a service to the Church rather than a disservice.Ai?? I’m pleased to say that the Kendrick Brothers have done so.Ai?? In their newest movie, War Room, they have shown the Christian film industry what Christian film CAN do’glorify God with good writing, […]

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Audacity Movie Review

Audacity: The Audacity of Love

Anyone who has read my reviews of Christian films knows that generally, I’m not a fan. The writing is usually very bad, the acting is often even worse, and they usually look (and sound) like they were shot in a church gymnasium. They are often sappy, unrealistic, and so obviously evangelistic that they shouldn’t really […]

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Street Preaching 2.0: Thank God for Ray Comfort

If anyone ever writes the history of open-air preaching in the 21st century, they will be writing about the influence of Ray Comfort and his television show, The Way of the Master. Many of the leaders in the present day open-air preaching sub-culture learned about open-air by watching that television program and by attending either […]

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Burned Over? Revivalism And Its Effects On The Local Church

The Erie Canal and Evangelicalism Most students of church history and sound theology have opinions on what has brought about the current spiritual malaise in evangelicalism.Ai?? I once heard a fellow speaker at an evangelism conference state that the modern church has not recovered from the 19th century as a whole.Ai?? I don’t think I […]

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A Gospel Spam Review of The Theonomy Debate!

A week or so ago Dr. Joel McDurmon (American Vision) and Pastor Jordan Hall (Pulpit and Pen Sermon Audio broadcast) debated the topic, Is the civil law of God obligatory for all nations? As you might guess, McDurmon argued in the affirmative and Hall the negative. In an amazing feat of speed-production, Marcus Pittman of […]

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Debating Dillahunty for the Glory of Jesus and His Gospel

Crown Rights Media has produced a documentary with Sye TenBruggencate which serves as a sequel to How To Answer The Fool called Debating Dillahunty.Ai?? Last year Sye accepted Matt Dillahunty’s challenge to debate in Memphis, TN.Ai?? Dillahunty’s fan base has been declaring their hero’s victory ever since. The debate has been available for free on […]

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You Will Hate Selma But Should Watch It Anyway

Selma, which is directed byAi??Ava DuVernayAi??and stars David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King, Jr., and Carmen Ejogo as Coretta Scott King is a movie that grabs you by the scruff of the neck and carries you through to the end without any awareness of the passing of time.Ai?? Oyelowo’s performance is inspired’in fact, let’s just […]

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