Why Unbroken is the best Christian film of 2014

Read the reviews of the evangelistically minded among us of Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and you might believe that Jolie is part of a vast Illuminati conspiracy to keep the message of Jesus Christ out of the film. After all, the original book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand which sat on the New York Times Best Seller […]

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‘Saving Christmas:’ More Scrooge Than Santa

We’ve been on a bit of a hot streak at Gospel Spam lately.Ai?? We’ve gotten a few free screeners, an angry phone call from a producer of a bad Christian film, an interview with an Academy Award-winning director, a serious film maker’s request to review a script and a request for an interview with The […]

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Trick or Treating for the First Time.

Trick or Treat! On Friday night I took my kids trick or treating for the first time. They’re not three and four years old. My boys are eight and ten and my eldest daughter is twenty. She had never been trick or treating before. My youngest daughter, Samantha, preserved the family’s salvation by staying home […]

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Let this Kitten Purr – A Review of Let the Lion Roar

There comes a time in every movie reviewer’s life when he has to decide whether or not to cover a movie because doing so would give the movie way more credibility than it deserves.Ai?? Most sane producers know that even a bad review is good for business because all publicity is good publicity. This is […]

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Left Behind Early Review – This is Not That.

The following is the first of our three part front row seat to the apocalypse. We here at Gospel Spam were fortunate to be sent a review copy of the film so we could bless you with our thoughts and fancy words about it. The first is by Jon Speed. The rest will be published […]

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A Matter of Faith – Pastoral Review

Dear Pastor, Perhaps you are considering screening A Matter of Faith at your church or encouraging your people to use the big screen release as an opportunity to evangelize your community.Ai?? The producers of the film make convincing arguments why you should.Ai?? After all, people do remember movies long after they’ve forgotten your sermons.Ai?? And […]

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In Which President Obama Becomes A Radical Pro Lifer

In Which President Obama Becomes a Radical Pro-Lifer

On Friday night as I was working on my sermon, I had the NPR station on rocking some classical music when the station took a break from its programming to give us the news. The piece was on the reaction over the botched execution in Oklahoma of Clayton Lockett. Lockett and two accomplices kidnapped Stephanie […]

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A Review of Apocity: A Book By George Alvarado

Apocity: The Greatest Omission by George Alvarado Lately at Gospel Spam we’ve been getting some requests to review books by the authors.Ai?? As a guy who loves books I have only one requirement: send me a free copy and I’ll determine whether or not we want to review it here.Ai?? One such request came from […]

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