This guy in the video explains the true meaning of Easter better than anyone I have ever heard.

Sure Gospel Spam loves movies, and arts but we have not forgotten the Gospel that gives us our name. We wanted to share this video with you and remind you all about the truth of the Gospel. Have a Happy Easter this weekend. Eat lots of candy and easter spam, and ham. Spend time with […]

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Why Christian Filmmakers Should Break Bad

AMC’s Breaking Bad will end it’s six year, five season run in the next few weeks, and what a run it has been. Walter White, your average Government school Chemistry teacher, has a good job, an intact family and a happy life. Until, that is, he finds out he has cancer. Desperate for a way […]

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Heaven is For Real: How Todd Burpo and Hollywood Fleeced Christianity.

A Christian filmmaker friend of mine told me how excited he was for the state of Christian film. He has high hopes that Heaven is For Real will make a lot of money at the box office. Even though he doesn’t agree with the aberrant theology of Heaven is For Real, he believesAi??that lots of […]

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