Fatherhood for Sale - The Superbowl Dad Ads

Fatherhood for Sale – The Super Bowl sells us Family.

It is estimated that a 30 second super bowl spot this year costs advertisers upwards of 4.5 million dollars. With that much money riding on half a minute, you need to make sure your commercial is memorable. Some commercials are memorable for the wrong reasons. Such as this year’s dead child Nationwide Ad, and Budweiser’s […]

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Exodus: Gods and Boring Things.

The story of Moses has been around for thousands of years. It’s a great story, one that has clearly passed the test of time. But somehow, Ridley Scott thought the story of Moses and how he freed theAi??Hebrew slaves wasn’t great enough. In what can only be described and a grand display of pride and […]

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Moses – Sight and Sound Theater

Earlier this month on the way back from a commercial shoot in Syracuse, NY, I realized had an extra day to kill before my next gig in North Carolina. I decided to stop in Lancaster, PA and view a play at the Sight and Sound theater. The Sight and Sound Theater is a theater company […]

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Identity Idols and the #christianrapper

The following post is taken in full with permission from Mos Murph. We decided to re-post it here as it is a great defense of the Christian Worldview of the arts that is shared by the writers of Gospel Spam. What is going on in the Christian Hip Hop scene? There have always been debates […]

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Mocking Christ’s Enemies: A Defense of Halloween

In 1996, James B. Jordan published this article titled “Concerning Halloween” where he looks at the history of Halloween being a picture for Christ’s victory over the demonic realm. What do you think? Is Halloween a time where we worship evil and death or mock it, knowing its end is near? Comment below. It has […]

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Left Behind and the Legal Battle To Make Disastrous Disaster Movies

Hold on to your clothes and place your seat tables in the upright position. Left Behind is imminently returning and this time with Nicolas Cage. Exciting, right? I can hardly contain myself. Since we have had two reviews for Left Behind, and the rest of the internet seems to hate the film as well, I […]

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The Theology of Big Brother

Several years ago John De Mol started an international sensation called Big Brother. It first started overseas in the UK and spread eventually to the United States once Survivor proved there was an audience for prime-time reality competition. I don’t remember much about the first season of Big Brother; it was a long time ago. […]

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Christian Pipe Smoking: An Introduction to Holy Incense byAi??Joffre Swait and Uri Brito

It’s no secret that I enjoy smoking. I work part time at a cigar lounge just to meet people in the community. There’s a camaraderie and bond between people who share the same hobby. Smoking taught me a lot about evangelism. It taught me that it is OK to be friends with unbelievers and that […]

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Lecrae to appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

On Thursday September 18th, Reach Records artist Lecrae will take Late Night’s biggest stage, with Late Light’s biggest band, The Roots. Reach Records just posted the announcement on Facebook moments ago. Lecrae’s new album Anomaly is currently sitting pretty within the top tenAi??on iTunes. Recently fans of Lecrae got the hashtag #LecraeOnFallon trending and it […]

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A Matter of Faith – Film Review

Recently three Gospel Spam writers (Marcus Pittman, Jon Speed and Sye Ten Bruggencate) were invited to a screening of a new Christian movie titled “A Matter of Faith.” After viewing the film, and listening to the director speak on it we decided it would be necessary to write threeAi??separateAi??views on the film. One from theAi??perspective […]

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