A Call to End Christian Prohibition

The following is the re-post to a series of blogs I wrote on the topic of Alcohol from my old Transplant Ministries blog. With recent discussions on my Facebook wall, I thought it vital to repost on Gospel Spam my old blogsAi??regardingAi??Alcohol and the Christian. Ai??So here is part one.Ai?? Recently I have been reading […]

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The Truthiness of Art

With all the Christian and pseudo Christian films coming out this year, there is a lot of talk about Creative License. Hollywood directors like to use it a lot when they try to make Biblical narratives. Let’s be honest- most of the time they use this term creative license to just make stuff up. But […]

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Why Son of God is blasphemous and it's not why you think.

This is going to be a big year for Christian film. Movies like Noah, Son of God, Mom’s Night Out and just for fun, let’s say also the final installment of “The Hobbit”. The first film destined to save us Christians from the evils of great film-making and brilliant acting that so consistently plagues Hollywood […]

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Do Christians Need a Facebook Alternative?

In what can only be described as a joke, Facebook announced they are adding upwards of 58 new gender identities for people to choose from. Everything from transgender male, transgender female, trans-male, trans-female, trans with an asterisk (whatever that means), Non-binary and a whole bunch of other weird half-breeds- including centaur. Now, now, I’m just […]

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The Lego Movie, Lord Business and Christian Television

  Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team! Everything is awesome, when we’re living our dream! Thus began the words of the now famous, slightly post-millennial and optimistic theme song of The Lego Movie. OK, so maybe it’s not as post-millennial as it is humanist. But still, it’s a great […]

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In Search of the Immutable Joke

Today it was announced that Sid Caesar, the father of Television Comedy, passed away at 95. I wrote this blog a few weeks ago on the Crown Rights blog, but thought it was worthy of reposting in his memory. Laughter is a strange thing. On one hand, what makes a person laugh varies. Some people […]

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The Theology of Cigar Lounges

When I first started going to cigar lounges, I overheard one of the lounges’ staff discussing eschatology and 70 A.D. with a customer. I jumped in and came to discover that Tom was an Anglican priest and college professor- when he wasn’t working the floor at the lounge. We had some rather heated discussions on […]

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About Gospel Spam

There are a lot of blogs out there within Christendom. Possibly, too many. The most read blogs are the ones by the well educated, most well known, and often most successful pastors and theologians. They get a lot of attention. They get to shape the conversation and social media discussions every single day and that […]

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