Quality Gets “Left Behind”

I have nothing against a good disaster movie. Write several shallow characters. Check. Insert superficial interpersonal conflict. Check. Introduce natural disaster to throw said shallow characters into. Check. Watch shallow characters carry out their superficial interpersonal conflict amidst disaster-enhanced action sequences and peril. Check ad nauseam. With Left Behind, we have disaster movie meets Christian […]

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Left Behind Early Review – This is Not That.

The following is the first of our three part front row seat to the apocalypse. We here at Gospel Spam were fortunate to be sent a review copy of the film so we could bless you with our thoughts and fancy words about it. The first is by Jon Speed. The rest will be published […]

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Christian Pipe Smoking: An Introduction to Holy Incense byAi??Joffre Swait and Uri Brito

It’s no secret that I enjoy smoking. I work part time at a cigar lounge just to meet people in the community. There’s a camaraderie and bond between people who share the same hobby. Smoking taught me a lot about evangelism. It taught me that it is OK to be friends with unbelievers and that […]

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Christians Sabotage Lousy Movies for the Sake of the Gospel

An article on WND’entitled Christians Sabotage Gospel In Hollywood’blames the failure of a movie called The IdenticalAi??(which I have not seen) on the fact that Christians’by and large’didn’t support the film during its opening weekend. From what I gathered in this article, The IdenticalAi??contains a powerful Christian message and’according to the author Drew Zahn (@DrewZahnWND)’is […]

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A Matter of Faith – Pastoral Review

Dear Pastor, Perhaps you are considering screening A Matter of Faith at your church or encouraging your people to use the big screen release as an opportunity to evangelize your community.Ai?? The producers of the film make convincing arguments why you should.Ai?? After all, people do remember movies long after they’ve forgotten your sermons.Ai?? And […]

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Should you take your mom out to mom's night out?

An Early Review of Moms’ Night Out

I’ve been known to have an upturned nose when it comes to Christian films. When talking about Christian films, I tend to default to Jay Sherman: I hated it. Let’s just face it. Christian films are terrible-mainly because Christian films are never really attempts to be films. Instead, they are usually overly-priced Gospel tracts. But […]

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Film Critics Are Liars My Review of The Amazing Spider Man 2

All Film Critics are Liars: My Review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I forgot to check the Rotten Tomato score for The Amazing Spider-Man 2Ai??prior to watching the film so as soon as the the movie was over and the credits came on, I jumped on my phone excited to see an overwhelming flood of good reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. I normally check the site before going […]

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Spins A Tangled Web

Super-heroes are grounded firmly in fantasy, but even they sometimes need to wake up to reality. Flying through the air, hi-tech gadgets, superhuman strength, foiling criminals, rescuing women and children’it all seems quite glamorous and fun until someone gets hurt. That’s one of the ideas explored in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it’s an idea […]

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“Transcendence” Fails To Transcend Mediocrity

There’s a certain man vs machine’ tension hardwired in to the premise of TRANSCENDENCE, but the film is actually little more than a poorly-structured science-fiction cautionary tale with brilliant ideas to spare but with a paper-thin screenplay to hang them on. TRANSCENDENCE was made by first-time director Wally Pfister, who die-hard cinephiles will know as […]

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A Review of Apocity: A Book By George Alvarado

Apocity: The Greatest Omission by George Alvarado Lately at Gospel Spam we’ve been getting some requests to review books by the authors.Ai?? As a guy who loves books I have only one requirement: send me a free copy and I’ll determine whether or not we want to review it here.Ai?? One such request came from […]

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