The Theology of Cigar Lounges

When I first started going to cigar lounges, I overheard one of the lounges’ staff discussing eschatology and 70 A.D. with a customer. I jumped in and came to discover that Tom was an Anglican priest and college professor- when he wasn’t working the floor at the lounge. We had some rather heated discussions on […]

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Gospel Spam. Reforming Reformers.

Yes, you read that right.Ai?? Gospel Spam. Gospel Spam is the answer to the gatekeepers.Ai?? In today’s Reformed Christian world there are gatekeepers who determine what gets blasted out to the blogosphere and what gets ignored or a pat on the head.Ai?? If you have enough alphabet soup behind your name, enough conference draw, enough […]

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About Gospel Spam

There are a lot of blogs out there within Christendom. Possibly, too many. The most read blogs are the ones by the well educated, most well known, and often most successful pastors and theologians. They get a lot of attention. They get to shape the conversation and social media discussions every single day and that […]

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