Martin Luther King Jr, Banned from Facebook?

This morning after I took care of some preliminaries, I sat down to my computer to login to Facebook and see what’s going on. I’d been off line for awhile since I fell on Tuesday and sustained a minor concussion. Which, by the way, is no fun. I’m feeling better today, I can focus, and […]

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Ukraine: Why You Should Care

The eyes of the world are now focused on a region that most Americans could probably not find on a map a few months ago: Ukraine’s Crimea.Ai?? This region has long been a source of conflict in the region, since it serves as the base for the Russian navy and gives a huge, largely landlocked […]

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Getting a Seat at the Pro-Life Table: A Response to Clinton Wilcox and Jill Stanek

UPDATE: During the time of writing this blog, Clinton Wilcox postedAi??a responseAi??to his first post admitting that he has never seen Babies Are Murdered Here and should not have made the comparison. He has since from as far as we can tell, seen the first twenty minutes. In his response he claims we only offer […]

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40 Days for Life Stinks

40 Days for Life Stinks There. I said it. Let the evangelical world hear this loudly and clearly: 40 Days for Life is not a Christian organization. It’s not. I know there are some professing Christians involved. I understand that it’s supported by 16,500 churches. I think it’s religiously motivated. And I also know that […]

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Ham on Nye. A Debate Critique.

Therefore apologetics involves intellectual reasoning and argumentation regarding the Christian worldview’It is a matter of intellectual analysis and confrontation.Ai?? The loathing of such things in many quarters of the modern Christian community is unhealthy.Ai?? Reasoning is not an unspiritual activity to be shunned nor does argument’ automatically denote personal contentiousness. Dr. Greg Bahnsen in Van […]

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Gospel Spam. Reforming Reformers.

Yes, you read that right.Ai?? Gospel Spam. Gospel Spam is the answer to the gatekeepers.Ai?? In today’s Reformed Christian world there are gatekeepers who determine what gets blasted out to the blogosphere and what gets ignored or a pat on the head.Ai?? If you have enough alphabet soup behind your name, enough conference draw, enough […]

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