Ham on Nye. A Debate Critique.

Therefore apologetics involves intellectual reasoning and argumentation regarding the Christian worldview’It is a matter of intellectual analysis and confrontation.Ai?? The loathing of such things in many quarters of the modern Christian community is unhealthy.Ai?? Reasoning is not an unspiritual activity to be shunned nor does argument’ automatically denote personal contentiousness. Dr. Greg Bahnsen in Van […]

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Gospel Spam. Reforming Reformers.

Yes, you read that right.Ai?? Gospel Spam. Gospel Spam is the answer to the gatekeepers.Ai?? In today’s Reformed Christian world there are gatekeepers who determine what gets blasted out to the blogosphere and what gets ignored or a pat on the head.Ai?? If you have enough alphabet soup behind your name, enough conference draw, enough […]

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