Let this Kitten Purr – A Review of Let the Lion Roar

There comes a time in every movie reviewer’s life when he has to decide whether or not to cover a movie because doing so would give the movie way more credibility than it deserves.Ai?? Most sane producers know that even a bad review is good for business because all publicity is good publicity. This is […]

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Quality Gets “Left Behind”

I have nothing against a good disaster movie. Write several shallow characters. Check. Insert superficial interpersonal conflict. Check. Introduce natural disaster to throw said shallow characters into. Check. Watch shallow characters carry out their superficial interpersonal conflict amidst disaster-enhanced action sequences and peril. Check ad nauseam. With Left Behind, we have disaster movie meets Christian […]

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Christians Sabotage Lousy Movies for the Sake of the Gospel

An article on WND’entitled Christians Sabotage Gospel In Hollywood’blames the failure of a movie called The IdenticalAi??(which I have not seen) on the fact that Christians’by and large’didn’t support the film during its opening weekend. From what I gathered in this article, The IdenticalAi??contains a powerful Christian message and’according to the author Drew Zahn (@DrewZahnWND)’is […]

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A Matter of Faith – Pastoral Review

Dear Pastor, Perhaps you are considering screening A Matter of Faith at your church or encouraging your people to use the big screen release as an opportunity to evangelize your community.Ai?? The producers of the film make convincing arguments why you should.Ai?? After all, people do remember movies long after they’ve forgotten your sermons.Ai?? And […]

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A Matter of Faith – Film Review

Recently three Gospel Spam writers (Marcus Pittman, Jon Speed and Sye Ten Bruggencate) were invited to a screening of a new Christian movie titled “A Matter of Faith.” After viewing the film, and listening to the director speak on it we decided it would be necessary to write threeAi??separateAi??views on the film. One from theAi??perspective […]

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Million Dollar Arm Review and Interview with Mark Ciardi

Review of Million Dollar Arm and Exclusive Interview with Producer Mark Ciardi

Baseball is a great sport. It’s the only game in the world where the defense gives the ball to the offense to score. It’s a game comprised of lots of down time, moments where the athletes are doing nothing but spitting out sunflower seeds while digging holes in the ground with their cleats in anticipation […]

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Film Critics Are Liars My Review of The Amazing Spider Man 2

All Film Critics are Liars: My Review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I forgot to check the Rotten Tomato score for The Amazing Spider-Man 2Ai??prior to watching the film so as soon as the the movie was over and the credits came on, I jumped on my phone excited to see an overwhelming flood of good reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. I normally check the site before going […]

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The Book Thief Movie Review

The Book Thief Should’ve Thrown Harder Punches

The Book Thief (2013) is a mostly uninspired and only intermittently compelling movie of tiresome length, confusing and frustrating every hope I had entertained of the original volume’s bittersweet tragedy being skillfully adapted to the screen. Markus Zusak’s young adult novel of the same name was both starkly tragic and sweetly human, relieving its dark […]

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“Transcendence” Fails To Transcend Mediocrity

There’s a certain man vs machine’ tension hardwired in to the premise of TRANSCENDENCE, but the film is actually little more than a poorly-structured science-fiction cautionary tale with brilliant ideas to spare but with a paper-thin screenplay to hang them on. TRANSCENDENCE was made by first-time director Wally Pfister, who die-hard cinephiles will know as […]

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Heaven is For Real: How Todd Burpo and Hollywood Fleeced Christianity.

A Christian filmmaker friend of mine told me how excited he was for the state of Christian film. He has high hopes that Heaven is For Real will make a lot of money at the box office. Even though he doesn’t agree with the aberrant theology of Heaven is For Real, he believesAi??that lots of […]

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