Authority that Requires Participation

Why is it that Humanists, Secularists, even Communists and Islamists have such strong presence in United States politics? I can tell you that it isn’t for the authority they bring. It isn’t because they come with objective and authoritative truth. It isn’t because they have the power of God to do so. It is because […]

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Best Sermons on Marriage

One of the best sermons on marriage you will ever hear…

Pastor Kevin Hass, of By Grace Community Church preached this sermon on Ephesians 5 on April 27th, 2014 during his sermon series on Ephesians. This is perhaps one of the best sermons on Marriage and submission available. Take 45 Minutes out of your day and take a listen to this, for the sake of your […]

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He Must be a Man of God, Before He Is a Man on a Box (Intermission)

While many have contacted me to say they have been encouraged by my current blog series on the qualifications of an open-air preacher, there has been no shortage of detractors. Most of the detractors have been open-air preachers. I have people disagree with me all the time. That’s okay. Some of my very best friends, […]

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